Do a lot more with your reports with these advanced features!

Before we lay it out for you in the article, do check out this short video that will help you understand things in detail:

[Advanced Reporting Features]

Save your report

Saving reports is a cakewalk. Begin by clicking the Save Report button to see a preview of it. In case you don't have joined configured cards, you'll be taken to the save screen.

In case you do, you'll be taken to the list of your final columns and filters which can be edited at your convenience.

Next, you'll be taken to the save modal where you can fill your report name, description and the particular workspace under which the report needs to be saved.

Save your report
Change your report name

If you've misspelt or added a wrong name to your report, click the edit button on top of the report card and change the report name in less than 5 seconds.

Change your report name
Here are some other aspects that can be utilized for your reports:
Listing reports- View all your listed reports on the listing page.

Sharing reports- Use the share button to share the report with a user or a team.

Editing reports - Click on the edit icon to edit your report, followed by the update icon to update the changes.

Duplicate reports- Create a copy of your report with the cloning icon.

Data access- Give data access to the report in the same way that you do with worksheets.

Deleting reports- If you've finished using the details/data from your report, click the delete button and send it to trash.