Granular access management = Personalized Grid = Happy faces

There are three access types that you can use to effectively manage the data and workflows you setup on Grid.
An added advantage of efficient access management is a highly personalized experience for your end-users. The following access types make organization management a breeze:

1. Data entry access: Granting the entry access allows your users to enter data on Grid using the web or mobile app.

2. View access: View access grants the user access to view the data that has been captured on a particular worksheet or column.

Pro tip: Use the _Data Access_ feature to ensure users with view access only see the data they enter on a particular worksheet.[here]

3. Edit access: Edit access lets you grant access to edit already entered data by any user at a worksheet, or a column level.

4. Delete access: Both advanced and basic users. The user will need to enter their password as a confirmation to delete any data that has been entered on Grid.
Access Management
Ready to start giving accesses to users on your teams? Learn how to manage accesses [here]

Pro tip: You can use different access to create effective approval management systems on Grid.