More users mean more structured teams!

Admin users can add other advanced/basic users on Grid. To add a user you need to:

Ensure you have enough eligible user licenses available for each user type.
Go to the User Management page using the left panel on your account. The number of available licenses appears on the top right of each user table.

User License
Click on the Add User button to add a user.
You will be charged based on the number of users you add as Grid works on a per user pricing model. To increase the number of permitted licenses, please chat with us or write to us.

Fill in the required details for the user.
You can add a user with either an email or phone number or both. If an email is provided, the user will receive a sign up email with the login details and can create a password to get started on Grid. With a registered phone number users can login using the OTP mechanism.

Add User
You can also assign a team to the users. This makes managing accesses easier.
Remember to give access to worksheets and workspaces to your new user. Learn how to grant access [here]

Admin type users will automatically get access to all workspaces in the account.

Let's have a look at a short demo on adding users with ease:

Adding a new user