The worksheet is a great way to build your management application, loaded with superb features for smart and smooth data flows. Let's understand the basic worksheets in this short video:

Creating and using worksheets

Worksheets can also be called building blocks for enterprises to build applications upon. They might remind you of the good old spreadsheet- coupled with some exciting features to help you manage your next big thing in a super organized way.

How can you use it in the best way?

- Worksheets can be used to create master databases, be it to populate product ID's, assignment catalogues, or to keep track of the main tasks at hand (don't sweat, it's extremely easy to set up)

- They can also be used to record data to add to one's workflow. Imagine wanting to build a state-of-the-art procurement process. Building one's worksheet helps define your data better with organized sub-sets.

On ± worksheets look like forms that are absolutely delightful and easy to use: sort of like a personal data diary

How to Create Worksheets

It's really simple, all you need to do is click on the + icon, give it a name and add it to your space. You'll be seeing an icon like this while creating one.

Create Worksheets
Note: Every worksheet has two views, the one in yellow is the data entry view for when you want to add more data, while the other is the data view to scan through your existing data.

Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the worksheet to find out some more fun stuff.

Worksheet Options
Renaming/Moving worksheets: Hover over the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of a worksheet card, click on it and you’ll be able to view a drop-down with the option to rename/move. There could be times when you want to shift your worksheet to another workspace as it makes more sense out there. Click on the multi-purpose modify button. There you'll be redirected to a drop-down showing you the workspace you’re working under. Change it as per your convenience

Deleting worksheets: Another option under the same menu is to delete your worksheet. Only the advanced users can delete or remain on a worksheet on Grid.

Notifications and alerts: One of the best things about setting up a worksheet is setting notifications/alerts. You can be a 100% specific about it, with a variety of options at your disposal. We have a detailed article on notifications right here. Do check it out, they have some crazy benefits! Find out about setting up notifications [here].

Data Access on worksheets: You don't need to show all your data to all worksheet operators. You can filter your data access in terms of the role of the user, which makes the worksheet one of the most powerful yet filtered/personalized applications. The use and features of data access are explained [here]

Offline mode: Facing network issues? Interact with your worksheets in offline mode. Simply click on the 'Offline Mode' button to get started.

Duplicate worksheet: You can very easily duplicate your worksheet by simply clicking on the 'Duplicate' option in the drop down menu.

This is awesome when you're collaborating with new members on the same worksheet, and you won't want them to view all your data.

Options on Worksheets
 The use and features of data access are explained here. Learn how you can personalize your entire workforce with it.